Wednesday, March 11, 2009


To explain in detail to Nikki, I am NOT whining. I like the crunch of the snow but its 10 days until spring and there are 4, I say 4 seasons. And this one can leave on the 20th. and bring forth some more spring like weather.

In the crunch of the snow and cold I gave Katie a lesson today. For all her bravado and experience, she is a timid rider. We left Abby on the lunge line. Katie needs to learn how to keep her in whatever gait it is she asks her. If she can learn to remember her feet and legs Abby will do better. Her first show is April 25th. I think but she is only going to do in hand classes because I am not going to be there. She needs to ride alot between now and her first riding show. She will do. She has to work to pay for her horse habit and has the last of her senior year to get thru. I just hope she has not bitten off too much.

We were supposed to go to our Marriage Encounter group tonight but half the people are sick so they cancelled it. I don't care, its cold and I did not want to go out.

I am worried about 2 of our horses. Ravens nose does not seem to be improving any more. We just will have to wait and see. And Peppers eyes are failing. There is way more white there than there was even a couple of months ago. Poor guy. It makes me heart sick because there is nothing they can do about it. I know we have held it off with the supplements but not stopped it.

Unless Shannon finds a way to get out of work the 19th. and 20th. I will be staying with my friend Debby in Albany. She is from Ellensburg and I met her at the adoption last year in Odessa. I think I will drive myself though because going clear over there to head south would be further. I don't mind driving alone. Me and the CD player will have a good time. I am excited about going.

Have a good tomorrow.


  1. Hi Lea. How is Kiyanna doing? I read your post about pneumonia, and it breaks my heart for her. I so hope she's doing better today.

    I didn't ride yesterday, but I worked with Beautiful. It's cold out there, but the sunshine is refreshing.

    Sounds like your stay with Debby will be fun. She's such a nice person, and you'll get to see her horses.

  2. Oh, I forgot to add that to my blog today. Baby is doing much better today. Scared me bad yesterday but she responded to the antibiotics well. She is only a little less than 3 weeks old so this has been terrorizing. To all of us.
    You are braver than I am Linda. It is just too cold for these bones.