Sunday, March 1, 2009

Rainy Sunday

We did some things right after church and then came home. I curled up and went to sleep for about half an hour. Bob went to Deer Park to pick up some stuff he will need next weekend when he goes to Puyallup to help our niece with some septic tank trouble. I am not going. No one to feed ect for us. We will need someone later in the month and I don't care too much if I go or not. I still feel sleepy but maybe that will help me sleep all night tonight.

I sat here at the computer and watched Rusty have a race with herself. She knew Bob was feeding and he did not get to her fast enough. She is a real character. Katie came out and was going to ride Abby but she chickened out. Her dad rode Pepper. She wanted me to come ride with them but it was raining. I did not want to go out and get wet.

I went to Wagonteamster's blog and he is out of the hospital at his sisters in North Carolina. He is healing and then will rebuild his wagon and get some more horses and go up the east coast. I guess he has at least at this point given up venturing any further west. That makes me sad. My sister says that hiway is terrible and the drivers in Mississippi are nuts. I won't ever drive on that hiway, not that I may ever drive in MS anyway.

My sister sent me some pictures of it snowing at her place in Normandy, Tennessee. On March first. I am glad I am not there. Have seen enough snow for this winter. Our grand nephew (Sharons grandson) Riley got a sled for Christmas and this is the first time he got to use it. It went down the hill and into the river but he got it back. That sounds like Riley. He and our grandson Lane are best buddies and are so alike. They met last summer.

Nothing else exciting around here. Just a lazy Sunday afternoon for me.


  1. Nikki,
    I get up early on Sundays because it is the day I write my blog and I have a program early on CBS called "Sunday Morning" I like to watch.

    Otherwise, the sunrises for me are few and far between ... LOL!