Saturday, February 28, 2009

A cold and sunny day

We planned to go to Fish Trap to ride today but darn it was so cold we just could not do it. So it did not happen. And the truck would not start and the trailer had a short in the hookup lights so we decided it was not meant to be today.

Katie came and rode Pepper but I told her she had to start riding her own horse. She needs to work with her, only 2 months until her first show. Abby will do fine with her, just so she learns to go light on her mouth. Katie needs a big boost to her confidence for some reason. She is not a real aggresive rider. Maybe confident is a better word. She trusts Pepper but who wouldn't.

Do any of you want, or are able to go to Albany, Oregon with me on March 19th. to the 22nd. I want to leave Spokane about 7 AM. Both friends who said they would like to go can't now. I don't mind driving alone but sure would like someone to pal around with. Having someone to travel with would be wonderful too. Sharing expenses would make it much much easier on everyone. Have friends who are going but everyone has a friend with them. I have reservations at a motel. Do I sound like I am begging, well maybe I am.

Have a good evening.


  1. Lea,
    I wish I was there! (well ... sort of, I just remembered how cold it is) I would go with you. We would have so much fun!

  2. Lea-This is concerning your comment on my blog about not being able to sign in. Restart your computer and see if that helps. It happened to me today, too.

  3. Joy - wish you were too. Hope its nicer by that weekend. Have a good week.

    Barbara, I will try that. I usually turn it off at night but didn't last night. Have a wonderful evening