Monday, March 2, 2009

Rainy Days and Mondays

Wasn't that a song? Even if it wasn't thats what we had today. Rain and then light rain and then heavy rain and then regular rain. Rain, rain. That means mud city.

I hated to put the inside horses out this morning. The five in the pasture were content under the shed all standing peacfully together. I knew that as soon as I put Pepper out, things would get all stirred up. And, they did. He ran all of the peaceful looking group out and stood in there himself. I threw a rock at him. Did it help - of course not but I felt better. Dixie was anxious to get out and run and buck and Ditto just ambled out and gave me a dirty look as only Ditto can.

I maybe found someone to go to Albany with me. I will know this weekend. Our neighbor Shanon. She will go if she can get Thursday and Friday off. If not, I have found a couple of people willing to let this old granny stay with them. I am willing to spend a few dollars more and have a microwave, frig, and a good breakfast.

A long dreary Monday. Bed and a good book are calling.

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