Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesday and Sunshine

Isn't she a long haired dirty mess. She is full of it though the warmer it gets. She is so muddy but Rusty is a happy girl. With it staying light longer and the switch to daylight savings time, Bob will have more time to work with her. If its nice Saturday I will probably give her a workout. Dixie too.

I was cleaning out the livingquarters part of our horse trailer this afternoon and found all kinds of stuff left over from last year. Amongst them some summer clothes that smell very musty. Not mildewy, just musty smell. I brought them in to launder. Bob is going down to Escure Ranch on the 14th. and 15th. I am not going this time because I want to go to the tack swap. I don't need anything but have some things to sell and its fun to look around. I might find something I really need (LOL).

Had lunch today with my friend Helen at Chaps today. I wish you could only buy half a sandwhich. I never could have eaten the entire thing. We had a good visit. We try to do it every 2/3 months. She is a show steward too.

We got a bunch of bread from the day old store for the chickens and cows. I gave some to Rosie one day to see if she still like it and now she whinnies at me when I am doling it out for some too. She stole a hamburger out of a friends hand one day at a horse show. The donkey and goat like it too. The other horses will eat a slice or two but Rosie would eat the entire loaf. We get an entire shopping cart full heaping up for 3.00. Some of it is not appropriate for the animals - like chocolate covered donuts but most of it is great.

Have a great tomorrow.


  1. Rusty is cute! She's not near as muddy as some of mine. Coda loves to cake his entire body in mud. Of course he's a palomino so it looks even worse on him. Silly horse.

    I'm thinking about going to the tack swap too. Maybe we can meet up.

  2. Lea, I've tagged you, so come on over and take a look.

  3. Great picture---that's about how my horses look!

  4. Oh that would be great Andrea. Hope so. I will be there.