Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Rusty is a funny horse. Wish I had a battery for my cam corder. I finally had to go and separate her from the boys. Those poor young steers were kept moving at a trot. Baxter and Clyde were getting really tired. They had finished their breakfast but she gobbled up their scraps and then the race was on from one pen to the next. I went down and shut both gates so both could get some rest.

I called the Davenport vet who had given them their shots ect before we brought them home said 30 days isolation was best so we put up a pen and put a round pen feeder in it so we can just feed them a round bale and it will last a couple of weeks anyway. And they will have some peace and quiet. The round pen is a poopy wet slick muddy mess. I am not sure we will let Rusty go back out there until we get in there with a tractor and clean it up. Wish we could afford a couple loads of fine gravel and then sand in there. Maybe I will check on the cost. It is gross. Of course so is Rusty's pen. She needs out of there too. We will have to look around and figure out a place to move her too.

I probably won't be around tomorrow. Our youngest daughter is having surgery first thing in the AM and will probably be at the hospital all day and maybe spend the night with her. Why do they always schedule things like that at 0 dark thirty in the AM. We will need to be at Sacred Heart by 6 AM to be there when she goes in. It is extensive but not life threatening. Just pray for her please.

See you soon.


  1. Lea, I'm praying for your daughter's speedy recovery.

  2. Thank you Barbara, she will be fine, just takes time.