Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday, February 20th.

Let me introduce you to Kiyanna Mae who was born at 7:15 AM this morning. She was about 5 hrs. old in the picture. She is our 5th. great grandbaby and the 3rd. girl in a row. It quite funny because the majority of our grandchildren are boys and they are producing girls. The oldes girl grand child has the boys. Any way she is precious. And her daddy when he called me this morning told me she was the most gorgeous, beautiful baby he had ever seen. Of course. Blessings to Robby, Tabby and Kiyanna.

Our daughter had her surgery yesterday. She is doing well. She was up sitting in a chair when I got there this morning but was glad to go back to bed and immediately fell asleep. She will probably go home on Sunday. I was so proud of her and how she has handled it all.

Nothing much with the horses. I was glad to go out and see them this evening. I am not sure they missed me but I missed them.

Not much else happening. That was quite enough for two days. It would be nice if they were both in the same hospital but of course not, clear across town from one another. I am tired and it is going to be an early night.


  1. Congratulations! She is a cutie! And I'm really glad your daughter's surgery went well.

  2. Lea and Bob,

    Congratulation on your newest great grandbaby. It is such a blessing to be allowed to live long enough to get to know them!

    I only have two, ten years apart but as a genealogist, I am giddy about being able to meet and know these newest descendants of mine.

    I'll copy the picture from your blog for the family tree :) program (that I am now backing up regularly!!!)