Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Whew, most all afternoon I sat here by my computer while Jim worked on it. He got alot straightened out and then took the side off. He checked out the memory boards. When he put them back in it would not work. He took one out and it worked fine. I don't have but about half the memory but he has a couple at home that he will sell me. He said the guy who built the computer for me did not give me enough memory. So he will double what I have had and he says it will be like a new computer. Wahoooooooooooooooooooooo. Thank you, thank you, thank you Jim Spring.

Sat here in the house looking out one of my bedroom windows and cracked up. We have Rusty's pen connected to the round pen by an alley way made from panels. We put Baxter and Clyde in the round pen last night and today when I went and put the horses out I opened the gates so they could get aquainted. Well Little Miss Cow Pony (Rusty) moved the steers all the rest of the days from the round pen to her pen and back again and then back again. When I went to feed this evening, I fed Rusty and then shut her gate and fed them and closed their gate. They need to relax and be able to eat, all three of them. It was funny to watch. Maybe tomorrow she will let them be. We will keep them in isolation away from the other cows for about a week.

I checked on the Wagonteamster blog site today and Bob is off the ventilator but not able to communicate yet. They have not told him about his 2 horses that were killed.

It is getting really awful outside. The snow melts and then the ground is frozen and the water has no place to go. Then it freezes at night. I want to see ground.


  1. It's 50' here today and no ice no rain no snow....... YIPPEE

  2. Thats not nice oh daughter mine. I am jealous.