Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Water water everywhere

And the rains came down and the floods came up, the rains came down and the floods came up, the rain came down and flood came up and the house on the sand when splat. I remember that from Sunday school. Actually our house is built on basalt so we won't go splat but there is alot of water and that makes alot of mud. We can not get to our mailbox unless we have high muck boots on. If we get more rain tonight it will be over the road.

Our son Tom is much better today. They gave him fluids because he was dehydrated and that helped alot. Christyn is doing better too. She expected to be all over it by now even though I told her that would not happen but what do I know, I am just the Mom.

I need to run to Big R in the next day or so to get Ditto's Senior Feed. It is expensive but she is old and needs it. Maybe we will go a little early on Thursday and stop on our way to Perkins and the Mustang Horse Club meeting. That will probaly work the best.

I do hope all of you in the area who can will come to the meeting on Thursday. We have lots to talk about. I finally have the class list done for Sunday of Mustang Days. At least the first list. We will go over it. Andrea will be getting it ready to be printed. I have the flyers printed. And the flyers just about the Mustang Club. Our meetings are fun and getting to gether is great.


  1. Lea, one of the ladies on our forum adopted Sequoia and posted some darling pictures of him and her daughters. He got a great home!!! I'm so happy for him and the girls--they'll learn to love horses the right way. I let her know about your blog--so hopefully she'll stop by and say hi.

    Do you want to meet at Starbucks tomorrow for the book exchange?

  2. Linda, I just read your post, sorry, I could have met you. Call me 994 9829 so we can be sure we don't get crossed up. Thank you for telling Nichole about my blog. I was going to but it was such a rush when she picked him up. I am thrilled that someone else knows where he is. I had a really good feeling about her and where he was going. He would not have left if I didn't.