Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dreaming Time

This is a dream I had today. Lots of the ice is gone, lots of mud but it is ice that I was worrying about. I was going to ride Ditto but her feet are in need of a trim so decided to wait and Dixie is going to be like rideing a rocket and did not want to do that by myself. I could have ridden Pepper but my heart is set on riding Ditto more this year.

When I went out to do the feeding this evening the horses were running and bucking and snorting. It was so fun to watch them having fun. Liberty is a big girl and when she kicked her heels toward the moon, she is one big dudette.

We turned the cows out in the pasture today. The snow is mostly gone and both of them are due to calve in the next month so that will give them a better place. Their shelter is full of mud and poop and water that a baby would drown before it could get up. That worries me. Spot is getting really big, Candy is not so big but last year she had twins. We still have Molly and Polly which ever is which.

Tomorrow evening is our mustang club meeting. I hope we have a larger group.

Remember to go to Serenity Room. Most especially if you want a book about writing. That is her give away that ends Saturday night. Barbara is a sweet person and I encourage you to go to her blog and read it.

Have a great evening. What was the best thing that happened today in your world? The best thing here was no rain and watching the horses enjoying their lives.


  1. It's rained hard here today and tonight all around us is snow. It's just WRONG.

  2. We had pouring rain all day yesterday and into the night. I got up this morning to 2-3 inches of snow. Poor Cisco was shivering so bad I could see it from inside the house, so I fed the horses early. The creek is bank-full today. That's a lot of rain in a short amount of time!

  3. I'm with you...the best thing is to watch the horses run again now that the ice hazard is gone. They're all feeling good! I'm excited to ride Cowboy.

    After I groomed him, I walked him away from the barn to get him used to going out again and to see how far he sunk in the mud. I think he's going to be ready to go this weekend. And, I plan to switch Beautiful with him in the big turnout so she can get used to the other horses. That will be fun.

    At your meetings, do you guys eat first and then have the meeting? Thursday evenings are not good at all for us with our kids coming home off the activity bus and needing dinner at 6:20--but if you go kind of late, maybe we could get them settled and stop by at the tail-end. Are there dues and a form to fill out to join the club? I want to join, but I don't know active I can be because of my busy home life and two commitments I already have to Palisades and MDH. But I want to support you guys as much as I can.

  4. Linda, we do eat first. The meeting is about 6:45. Its a rather informal group, no dues no paper to fill out. I think that will be coming in the next year but not yet. We are usually done about 8, maybe a little later tonight. It is just fun to get together and eat and talk about our mustangs. Come when you can, if not I will keep you updated. I don't want you to feel pressured.