Monday, February 23, 2009

Its Raining

Its raining, its pouring, the old man is snoring, he bumped his head on the foot of the bed and couldn't get up in the morning. Remember singing that old funny thing about rain. We have water, standing on top of mud, standing on top of ice. It is melting the snow though. At least some of it.

I felt so bad when I went out to do the chores this evening. The horses looked pathetic. However they do have shelter but most choose to stand out in the weather and look sad. Yuma is missing his old friend Sequoia. He will get used to it though.

Our son Tom is at Holy Family hospital. He was there almost 5 hrs. before he got in to see a doctor. They think he has pneumonia. He is a sick puppy. His wife will call in a while when the doctor gives his prognosis. At first they thought it was a heart attack. We adopted him when he was born and the biological mother gave us NO medical information. One of the hazards of private adoptions. This is not a good month for our kids.

What is your favorite season of the year. Mine is late spring. I would not care if we had spring, summer and autumn and forget winter except Christmas/New Year week. I miss being able to ride.


  1. Lea- It sounds like you're having bad weather again. We had a beautiful day here and I just loved it. The high was 58.5 degrees at our house. Our little valley is a wonderful place to live..that's actually why we moved here. We have moderate weather most of the winter. The summers can be a bit hot, but I don't mind. I guess my favorite time of year is early summer before the real heat hits.

    Lea, I can't find your email address, so you'll probably need to email me first to get my phone number. Jim and I are looking forward to meeting you and Bob.

  2. Actually any day that the weather doesn't get in my way of plans. If it's working in the flowers, walking, riding.. thats my favorite time I think.

    Sorry I missed your call. Carmen updated me. Talk to you later

  3. Hi Lea ... Well, I sure hope Tom is OK and he only has pneumonia.

    I love the Spring when everything seems new again and the flowers are pushing through the dirt and the trees are full of beautiful blossoms! And, I love the Fall when the Aspens turn to gold and other trees turn a burgundy wine color and others turn red, brown and various shades of Autumn! Each season has it's own special time and we must glory in God's magnificent pallet of colors that are special to each season! Hugs!!

  4. Oh Poor Tommy.. Give him an auntie hug.

  5. Thank you all for thinking of Tom. Hes better. Barbara, I sent you my e mail, did you not get it? This is NOT my favorite time of the year. Thats OK Nikki. I knew Carmen would tell you. Ms Marcia, the golden aspens sound absolutely beautiful. Sharon, I will give him an auntie hug when he is well. In the meantime I will do it over the phone.