Monday, February 16, 2009


A good day with some sunshine. We went to the cattle auction in Davenport today. Bob got a couple of good buys and we now have a couple of new steers that will be ready for freezer camp this fall. Baxter and Clyde are nice boys. Don't know how old they are but weigh about 500 apiece.

I spelled the mans name wrong who was in the accident and he started in New Hampshire. I think I said Vermont. Well, my heart was in the right place. I still am sick at heart about him and the loss of his 2 horses Deedee and Dolly. Both were white percherons. Bob's dog survived too and is being cared for by someone there. He is in the hospital in Meridian, Mississippi.

Tomorrow my friend Jim is going to come and work on my computer. It is being weird. This evening it is working. Earlier it was awful. I know I need to put it in the shop but my budget won't allow that. Actually I would like a new one but that farther down my budget than putting it into the shop.

Our horses are just fine. Katie and her dad came out and rode for an hour or so this afternoon. Pepper tolerates Doug. He knows less than nothing about riding but he pokes around on Pepper and he just tolerates it.

Take care everyone, check out Sernity Gate blog, and see you tomorrow.

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