Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday in the snow

No pictures again - Sorry

Yesterday we had a nice Valentines Day. We did not plan to go out or do much. Until our grandson Joel, his wife Heather and their "Princess" Lilliana came out and wanted us to go to dinner with them. It was much fun. Lily is 21 months and a character. We went to the casino for dinner. Her favorite things were the m & m's from the ice cream bar and the lemon slice out of her mothers ice tea. Oh well, she sat still for the most part and let us eat and enjoy the time with our grandkids.

I got all of our horses dewormed yesterday. I even did Pepper. I snubbed his rope up and dared him to do anything bad. He didn't. That was the easiest time ever. Dixie who has always been easy was the naughtiest. Liberty that a year and a half ago had not been touched in her 8/9 years and now leads and is very gentle. She will get ridden this summer. She led right up and let me put the tube in her mouth and squirt it in. then I gave her a treat. Yuma decided he would not get caught, he can run pretty fast and do acrobats in the air to keep from getting caught. We got him into the shed and I got a death grip around his neck and Bob got the halter on him. He had drug me about 25'. With my heels dug in. He didn't try to hurt me just did not want caught. We left him tied for a while. He just stood there and pouted.

Today I had a Northeast Zone Horseshow Division meeting. We have one a year. Quite a lengthy meeting but we did get a zone award for Mustangs passed. The state did it in November and now the zone has it. So anyone who would like to show their mustang in any classes and you sign up for points (after joining WSH) You will be able to try for awards. I don't know whether it will be a trophy or what. It will need to be something that can be passed down for years. There will not be Mustang classes but everything you show in will count.

Keep on your calendars our 2nd. annual Mustang Days. It will be at Valley Mission arena on June 27/28. Saturday will be MEET THE MUSTANGS. We will be there with our mustangs and people can pet them, ask questions, take pictures or whatever. On Sunday will be an open schooling show with Mustang classes, Showmanship, Halter, Western, English and Trail both In Hand and riding. Classes will be 5.00 or all day for 35.00. Stalls will be 5.00 per night. We want it to be fun.

I had a bit of rather upsetting news today. I read my cousin Joy's blog and read about the man - Bob Skelstadt (I think thats his last name) who was driving a 4 horse hitch pulling his house behind him. It was a well outfitted RV on wheels. I have been reading his blog every few days since last August following his adventures from Vermont to Mississippi. He was driving his horses down a highway this past week and a semi rear ended his RV, killing 2 of his percherons instantly, totalling his "house" and he is in a hospital in critical condition. His blog was Wagonteamster. I just looked today earlier and clicked on "Where's Bob" and there was no entry so just figured he had not logged on. I am sick to my stomach over that. There was no shoulder on the road and he had slow symbols all over the rear of the wagon. Remember him in your prayers please. I don't know him, only from the blog and thinking what a wonderful thing to do. He said he didn't know where he was going or how long it would take. Feel so bad.

Bless you all.


  1. Oh, I am so sorry to hear about the man and his horses! I ALWAYS slow down when I see a truck and horse trailer! I also pull over if we are on a narrow road and allow them to pass by me safely, but, alas, you are right! Some drivers have no manners or BRAINS! What a shame.

  2. I went to his website and read about his trip. That is especially sad. Is someone taking care of the other horses? My gosh! So sad. I have friends who have a team of 4 Percherons, all black.

  3. Lea ... I did some searching and found this news bit about Bob.

    According to the item, he's doing well and there is an address if you care to donate to a fund set up for him. Such a sad story of loss for him and his horses, too.
    What a fabulous thing he is doing, I hope he heals and can get back on the road again! I hope some action is taken against that semi driver! Hugs ... Ms. Marcia

  4. Lea,
    Thanks for mentioning Bob Skelding on your blog. Like you, I was sick to my stomach for two days after I heard about it. That link from Ms Marcia is a good one with lots of info.

    If they had to die, I am so glad the two horses died "instantly." But, I was a bit umnerved by the fact that the county just buried them beside the road but I guess one place is as good as another. I'm sure when he is able Bob will visit the grave site and leave a small memorial if it hasn't already been done by the locals.

    I for such a kick out of reading his blog and following along with a hilighter in my atlas. I just can't seem to grasp the fact that he is probably not coming back! I can't imagine having the nerves of steel it would take to put another wagon on the road.