Friday, February 13, 2009


A sunny Friday. But not warm. I decided to go for a walk and took Skeeter. It was bloody cold. The wind was bitter. He barked at everything no matter how often I told him no and Maggie at home on her chain howled till I could hear her half a mile away. I want to choke her. She would howl and Skeeter would bark. It was good to get outside and move around today. I have been really battling depression and the sunshine was good therapy today.

So now we know that every single one of our horses have lice. Isn't that good news. Dr. McKinley told us to de worm them every 2 weeks for 2 or 3 times and that will clear them up. I imagined that if Abby had them they all would and they do. So today Abby got dewormed and tomorrow the rest of them except Pepper will get it. Pepper will when Bob is going to be here to do it. He turns into a rodeo horse when you come near him with it.

We went and got groceries this evening and had a Subway sandwich. It was good to get out of the house for a while. We got Bob a small brief case for work. He thinks he is some kind of executive. He even has been tutored on the computer because in order to keep his job he had to learn. It is cracking me up.

We got Smart Cards in the mail today to install in our cable boxes. We did it withouth messing up. Guess we are quite proud of ourselves. LOL.

Have a wonderful Valentines day tomorrow.


  1. It was to much to hope/ask that they all didn't have it wasn't it. Drats.

  2. Lice are so flipping contagious. So frustrating. Didn't know that worming was the treatment though. Interesting.......