Thursday, February 26, 2009


Until Jim comes this weekend to work on my computer AGAIN I can't get pictures to come up. In fact every thing I try to do I have to reboot in between. Just no memory to speak of. It is irritating me but I know it will be repaired over the weekend sometime.

We had a good Mustang Club meeting this evening. We have Mustang Days under control I think. Laura is going to check in about ribbons. Just getting a food vendor and I think things are progressing. If any of you want flyers to post for us, just let me know. I will get them to you. We had 3 new people. That was good. Am so glad that Andrea came again this month. She is a big help. She and Cathy are the computer people. We had someone donate $100.00 towards the insurance. It is 150.00. We have not paid it yet but just because I have not been way out in the valley for a while. We are open to donations. The buckles are not here yet but I know they are going to be lovely and something for everyone to compete for. We need some things to go with first place ribbons. We need 30 of them. I have a couple of things. Maybe we can get some things donated. Also we need things for the raffle which can't be called a raffle any more - its a door prize.

The snow this morning was a low blow. I am so sick of having to bundle up in muck boots, a heavy coat, hat and gloves to go outside. Most of it melted during the day. It is almost March for goodness sake. I know its winter but I am tired of it. I am glad Linda's snow is gone, ours is not. Other blogs talk about anxious to get on their decks and sit and have coffee. Well, I would like to be able to get ON the deck. It still is 3' deep or more on the deck and along the east side of our house. The arena is still covered. I was going to ride where it has melted but now it is supposed to be really cold at night and that will slow the melting process. Dang, I am whining again aren't I? Sorry.

Have a good day tomorrow.

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