Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Windy Wednesday

What my hubby did all morning. He and Skeeter were enjoying a rainy, windy afternoon. All the while I was cleaning the kitchen. Oh well. He earned it though. He went down to work with Rusty in the drizzle and wind. I might have thrown in the towel. But he had a saddle on her today. He did not cinch it up but she just seemed to say Oh well, whatever. Now if I had gone in it would have been different but that is OK. Not a day to be doing too much with the horses.

We have having a terrific wind storm along with the incessant rain. It woke me in the middle of the night it blew so hard. So you see Andrea, its not any better here than there. I do get tired of the grey dismal days.

Yesterday morning our land line phone was not working. Bob messed with the line off and on all day. It still did not work this morning. I was sitting at the sewing machine and suddenly the phone rang. It was a salesman but I didn't care. That meant I could get my computer to work. No telephone land line, no computer. It has done this 2 or three times now. Maybe Bob will work on it while I am gone the rest of the week. I leave in the morning for the Washington State Horsemen convention in Richland. I will be home Sunday. If they have a computer in the lobby somewhere I may be able to write here but if not Sunday night is when you will hear from me again.

Oh yes, our daughter Nikki is home and doing better. She had to have blood but is doing better in her own home and her own bed. Thanks for your prayers.

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  1. This wind is something. I'm glad I put my horses in the barn because it blew down the electric in a couple places. It shouldn't blow it down, but we must have done something wrong when we put up the brown tape. Isn't this sun great!!

    I'm glad your daughter's home!!