Monday, November 10, 2008

No rain Whoopeeeeeeeeeeee

This is our sweet gentle Liberty. She is the 9 year old mare that the neighbor went to Wyoming and left with us. He did send some money for hay for her this winter. She is as gentle as can be but is not broke to ride. Tyler was on her once but that is all. She did nothing but stand there and I know she will do fine if anyone will be consistent with her. We haven't had time and Tyler does not seem to understand the necessity to follow up. He does love on her often and that is important too.

Our daughter had her surgery today and is doing well this evening. She expected it to be day surgery but not so. She is there for a day or two. Her husband has been faithful to call us periodically during the day. I hope to talk to her in the morning. I did get to talk to my sister this evening to tell her about Nikki. They have been on a little trip to Mississippi for their only granddaughters 16Th. birthday.

All the horses are fine. I hate the mud but what can you do. They have shelter to get under but they don't seem to use it much. We are not the only ones with the mud problem though. Even our friends who train at an expensive barn have mud.


  1. I'm glad your daughter is doing well, even if she does have to stay a few days. I hope her recovery goes very well.

    We have lots of mud too. Yuck.

  2. Happy to hear it went well for your daughter. Keep us posted.

    The mud is bad, isn't it? I have mine in stalls, but they're hard to keep up with. I'll probably let them out tomorrow--but I like to have them in while we're gone--just in case. Maybe we'll get some snow soon and cover this stuff up. :)