Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday and I am home

My pictures of the convention would not be too pertinent to the blog except we passed step 2 of getting the mustangs added to the breed roles at Washington State Horsemen, I had to present the proposal and the Friday, Horse show Division meeting. the proposal had to include our purpose, eligibility, a list of supporters of the proposition, who would provide the year end award and who would be the division director(I nominated myself because I was the only one there). They accepted it and then I had to present it to the general membership this morning. they accepted it. Now the 3rd. step is in January when the executive board totally ratifies it. It sounds like a long process but worth it.

My sisters son in law's brother committed suicide today. He was very close to the family too and they are all shaken. It is so sad when someone lets one moment in a life cause a person to do something so devastating to everyone left behind. He leaves behind a VERY devastated brother besides his two daughters who he raised by himself and two small grandchildren who now won't have the opportunity to have a Papa. Its a sad sad story.

Bob cinched up the saddle on Rusty today before I got home. He said she can really buck. She got the saddle off and Bob will have some repair to do. Tomorrow he will put the surcingle on her to see if she does better. She had accepted it for a couple of times. NOT TODAY. He said it was really a rodeo. He hit the fence. I laughed and wished I had been here with a camera. He had been so proud of himself with her being so calm. LOL

It has been a long day. But a totally uneventful drive both ways. The roses are still blooming around the hotel and the view of the river was beautiful. Too bad I did not get a chance to experience it too much. Lots of meetings and visiting with friends you don't get to see often and drooling over the stuff the vendors had. I could have bought a new saddle, new saddle pads, new boots, all kinds of tack, jewelry, etc, etc. etc.


  1. I'm sorry about your family members suicide. My son, William had a high school class mate kill himself in April. He was 19. Your mad at them and sad for them at the same time, at least I was.
    As for Rusty! I wish I could have seen that too. lol.

  2. I'm sorry about the suicide, too. I don't have any close experience with it--hope I never do--but I have known people who lost children that way and were never the same. It's a tragedy, and I'll keep your family in my prayers. Sorry that happened, Lea.

  3. Suicide is an awful thing. We find it was all planned. Please especially pray for his 2 girls and his brother. yes Arlene, it makes you very angry and very sad at the same time. And Linda, I hope you don't either.