Wednesday, November 5, 2008


My girls coming in on the run along with Yuma because he knows he gets a treat when he is the only one that comes with the girls. You would think the others would catch on. They don't seem to though. They will come when Bob whistles but Yuma has already had his treat. He thinks he is pretty smart. Well he is actually.
Bob was in the barn when the mares went in. It does not both Ditto at all but Dixie does not think he belongs there and always does something silly like running out the other end of the barn and then coming around and going in the east end again. Tonight he shut the far door and closed the other one behind her. She stood there and just looked at us. I told her to get in where she belonged and she just gave me a stare. Bob popped her on the rear lightly with a piece of board and she whipped in where she should be and snorted. We both had to laugh.
I went to the dentist again today, have one more appointment and then I am done for now.


  1. Lea, I'm getting ready to leave town for four days--but did you see the red skies this morning--red skies in morning, sailors take warning! Watch out! We're going to Omaha to see my husband's family, but they're predicting bad weather there, too.

    I love the pictures of your horses running in!

  2. I just love Yuma, he's so cute. Looks like your girls are getting used to the winter routine. It's so nice when they figure out what they're supposed to do.