Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A cold rainy Tuesday

Not a day to take pictures of anything. Its the kind of a day that I would have liked to have stayed in bed with a good book with a cup of steaming hot cider to sip on. However, that is not what happened. Our davenport was in sad disrepair and though we loved it, I would rather have not had one than that any longer. Our budget just would not let us replace it. This morning a friend from our church called and asked if we would like a couch and love seat. It was in like new condition but they had not been using it and was in storage. Bob asked him why he had called us and he said the Lord told him to. I won't argue. Bob and Tyler went and got it so my day was spent getting the old couch and chair out of the way and other things too, cleaning the floor good. They look nice in the living room and I am so grateful for them. It changed the direction of decorating in my living room though. That is OK. It looks new and more comfy I

Bob took care of the horses today. He and Tyler worked in the barn most of the day. Then he put in my "girls" and went to catch Pepper and put him in and he said no thanks, I won't go. So, he gets to stay out. Bob did not want to chase him to catch him in the rain. He (Pepper) is a spoiled brat sometimes. Ditto and Dixie are lounging in their dry stalls with the barn doors closed so its warm. They will laugh at him tomorrow.

Tyler is leaving for a week tomorrow. I made him promise to go in the daylight. I worry about him. He is anxious to see his parents and have a good visit with them and to go to a friends wedding on Sat. We will miss him. We have come to depend on him a lot.

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