Thursday, November 6, 2008

A snowy Thursday

It snowed all morning until early afternoon then it rained and it left. That is OK. I did not really appreciate it so much. I had to go into Spokane this evening to a Northeast Zone Meeting. When I came home instead of raining it was pea soup foggy in Airway Heights. Ick I hate that more than anything.

The girls came in quickly this evening. And Dixie went right to her stall. Nothing like she does for Bob. I almost hate to tell him. He is going to call her a bad name. She just likes me best. Hahaha. I don't call Rusty bad names when she shuns me and she does. Oh wells. Ditto likes me best too. He knows that though. I have had her since she was 2 and she is 28 I think this year.

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