Friday, November 7, 2008

Rainy days and Fridays

I think I started to write a new song. I hate days like this. I could have stayed in bed and dozed and read all day. I did most of the afternoon. Not in bed but curled up in the afghan my daughter in law Debbie made me last Christmas. It felt good.

We burned some of the stuff that had been accumulating all summer. Branches, logs and yard waste. It looked like a day to do it. I watched it for the most part from my dining room window where I was sitting at the table sewing. I am working on Christmas gifts. Am trying to get Tyler's done before he gets home. Nikki or Anita don't tell him.

Had bad scare this morning. My son in law called and said they had taken Nikki to emergency in the night running a very high (104 plus) fever with chills and much pain. I sure wish they had called me last night. She has a raging kidney infection. She is having a fibroid tumor removed on Monday and when all the infection is gone and she has healed up, she will have a hysterectomy. I am worried about her. She does not want me to come on Monday but if it goes bad and they have to do it all she wants me there. I am so worried about her. She is home. I am glad that Tyler is there to help her with the little boys 10 and 4.

That has occupied my thoughts today. But I did go out and put my mares away. Bob said he did not want to mess with Dixie if she does so well with me. He was working in the barn though so I wondered what she would do. She went straight into her stall and then gave him a dirty look. It made me laugh. I put Pepper in his stall and he thought he was king. Of course we think he is too. He does not get grain like the girls, just the things for his eyes and vitamins. He is so fat. He breathes and gets fat. We can control the amount of hay he eats when he gets put in at night. The others get fed in the paddock. Rosie all by herself because the others are mean to her and she doesn't get to eat. Just grabs a bite here and there. So she gets a pile to herself.

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  1. Lips are sealed ;) But how do you know he doesn't check your blog?