Saturday, November 8, 2008

Rainy Days and Saturdays

The second verse of the same new song as yesterday.

I sewed most of the day. Then I made myself some potato soup. Then I found out I was out of crackers. Darn but it was good anyway. Bob went deer hunting up in the Colville area early this morning. He called about 2 hrs. ago and had gotten his deer. He said it would take him a while because it was very foggy up there. That's OK, just so I know he's OK and will be home tonight.

My eyeballs started crossing while I was sewing so decided it would have to sit there until tomorrow. I am also trying to get pictures out of the old albums onto the computer so I can get them on discs. Some of them are fading and they are important to me and will be by generations to come. Especially pictures of both my grandmothers and my father who died when I was 16.

Katie came out and rode today in the rain. She helped me feed and put the mares and Pepper in their stalls. I can do it just fine but it was nice to have the company. For all my bragging about Dixie, she was not good tonight. She could not remember anything until I really got after her. Then it was like Oh, you want me where? She is finally put some weight back on.

Katie helped me do some clipping on Skeeter. My dog clippers got hot so we had to quit but his face, belly and one leg and foot are done. She said she would help me tomorrow finish him. I gave him a bath this morning too.He does not mind that, he just lets me and then when I blow him dry he likes that.

So, that was my day. Not too exciting.

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