Monday, November 3, 2008


Isn't he stunning? We went into Airway Heights this afternoon to Hicks Hardware and if you are in this area you know that Claude Hicks has everything and knows exactly where it is. After Bob got what he needed he said lets go over to the hospital in Medical Lake and look at the deer. If you are from this area you know the deer at the hospital are all over the place. This beautiful guy just laid there and looked at us. I don't have a long lens so I was this close to him. He wasn't too concerned. He is king of the Eastern State Hospital deer herd I think.

Bob and Tyler worked in the barn until after dark tonight. They are adding to the loft and putting more lights up. It will be great when they get it finished.

Dixie and Ditto were very funny. When I was out talking to the boys I heard horses trotting and my girls saw me and thought AHAAAAA. Its time to go eat. I made them wait a bit but then put in their grain and hay and watched them hurry fast to their respective stalls. They are so funny. Both of the nickering under their breath at me. Yuma and Rosie came with them but when I did not let them in they pouted all the way back out to the pasture. Yuma is so very funny. He stomps and pouts and gives dirty looks.


  1. Oh funny, Lea. My husband works at the hospital and I showed him your pictures. I'm there with him a lot and we see hundreds of deer, but I've never seen a buck like that!!!

    Hicks Hardware. LOL. We go there ALL the time. He's so funny. His place has everything in it--and more in the shed--and he's the only one who knows where it is or how to find it. He'll charge more than the regular store, but he's so close, it's convenient, and what a funny place!! I've got some stories from there!!! That should be a tourist stop.

  2. Linda, We had never seen a buck like that either. Maybe we could make some money promoting Hicks Hardware as a tourist stop. I like to just wander around and look while Bob is getting what he needs. See things I don't know what are. Maybe we have passed each other.