Sunday, November 2, 2008

He appears

I can quit whining about Bob being gone. He arrived home this afternoon elk less but had a grand time and saw lots, and he took tons of pictures. So he considered it a good 9 days. Too bad I wasn't with him.

Rusty was glad to see him. I had worked hard and not been able to touch her but Bob walked right up to her and loved on her. She is definitely his horse. I would imagine he will be on her soon.

We figured our hours to turn in to Burns for volunteering. Way more than I thought. When we added up all our hours according to their list of what qualifies. I would love to be closer to Burns so we could do more but alas. Not possible. If we were younger I would not hesitate. I don't want to be so far from our kids, their kids etc.

I am rambling. Sorry. Am glad to have my hubby home.


  1. Lea, how do you get involved with volunteering for the BLM? I think I'd like to halter train yearlings for them from time to time. But do you have to go to Burns to get them?

  2. Linda, when we fostered yearlings we got them from an adoption. We brought them home from Odessa and took them to Pasco to their adoption. The filly was adopted there and the little gelding went back to the corrals and then to Albany Oregon where he was adopted too. It is fun. The filly was by far the easiest. The little boy was really timid and took more.