Saturday, November 1, 2008

A lonesome Saturday

Our horses this morning in the fog. Probably not a photo contest picture but I loved it.
Rusty has a very clean enlarged pen. Lena went home today and we moved a couple of the panels so Dixie can get to the water trough where the other horses drink. We fixed it when Sierra was here with a panel across the middle. Rusty immediately stuck her head clear down in it. I think she was glad to have something more than a large bucket to drink out of. She seemed to like the extra room. Tyler brought 3 tractor buckets full of sand to put in. So she has a nice clean extra big corral. She would not let me touch her though. I put her in the round pen when we were working on her pen and she snorted and bucked and ran.
I also cleaned Ditto and Dixie's stalls. Really stripped them bare and re bedded them. We need to get a new load of shavings. If Bob does not come home pretty soon I will call and order them myself. Had one bale of straw and Ditto got that. Have one more stall to clean and Tyler gets that. He won the drawing. I am going to make from scratch cinnamon roles tomorrow. So, he gets to do the last stall. Think that is only fair huh?
Not a word from the wayward hunter. If he was alone I would be scared. He is not. (alone)

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  1. That is the same scene I had out my window this morning! Fog! I didn't even know if my horses were still out there. Now they're in the barn.