Thursday, June 12, 2008

WooHooooooooo Real Progress today

I put Sierra out into the round pen thinking she would run and buck around but she didn't. Just ambled around. I cleaned her stall, re bedded it and went out. She did not think she wanted me to catch her but I told her whoa and she let me walk up and take the rope just below the halter. That was the first great thing she did. I worked a little in the round pen and then took her out and thought, well this is the day for loading in the trailer again. The last time took forever and she never liked it much. Today she just walked in and stood there. I petted her all over and told her she was a wonderful girl. Then we went to investigate a big poplar tree that blew down in a lulu of a storm we had last night. She just walked thru the branches and out the other side. Let her eat grass and we took a walk all around the front of the place and out by the barn where Bob has been demolishing a camper. She just walked around it as if it wasn't there. Then I let her eat some more grass and then back in the trailer. Altogether we did that 5 times.

In the stall I picked up all four feet and rubbed her all over. Am so very proud of her. I will be gone 3 days working at a horse show in Goldendale. So it will be Monday before I get to do it again but I know she will do just as well.

I also worked with Nellie and Nick the last time. I can pick up all four of Nellie's feet, brush her all over and she leads well and loads easily. Nick is just now catching up with her. He leads and loads well too. I am praying they get adopted in Pasco this weekend. Both of them will be wonderful horses for someone. It makes me sad to tell them good bye. I hope we get an opportunity to do this again with another yearling..

I promise that next week I will get serious about getting pictures on here. Tracey told me how but I just don't have time to study this thru. It can't be too hard can it?

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