Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Some progress

The weather was better today. A lot of rain during the day and thunder storm warnings for tonight. Oh Ick. I don't like them.

Sierra still is not too happy in the stall but better. I went in and cleaned her stall today and messed with her. She didn't do as well the first time in the stall but later when I went she got better and when I went down the last time she did wonderful. For the first time I could rub her clear to her tail on both sides and she just stood there quietly. I wanted to shout whoopee but thought that might undo all I had done. AND I picked up both of her front feet without a hassle. She just stood there and let me. My goals this week was to pick them both up easily. We will have tomorrow to work on it. Then Friday I have to leave until Sunday to go to Goldendale to work a horse show. So unless Bob works with her she will have 3 days off again.

This weekend is the adoption in Pasco and Nick and Nellie will be leaving. We did not do as much with them as I had hoped. Nellie is outstanding and Nick is coming along. I pray they get adopted. Would hate for them to go back to the corrals.

Tomorrow it is supposed to be 70 so all the horses should get worked in the round pen. The ones that need to be I should say.

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