Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sunday, a day of rest

We got up and went to church this morning. After we got home I changed my clothes and went to get Sierra out of her stall. It makes me so happy that she is happy to see me. I moved her to another stall. The one she was in flooded. No not from the rain we got last night but the automatic waterer stuck open and ran and ran. Poor baby was up to her ankles in water and mud. Bob just turned it off until he has time to fix it.

We did not work too long today. She did everything that I asked. She even trotted on the lunge line but not with me. She just walked faster and faster. Will keep working on it though. It was a breakthrough to trot on the lunge line. She goes over the poles and backs thru the L (sort of) and around the barrels. She can back a figure 8 so I am sure she will get the trotting stuff. Don't know to have her lope yet or not. The trotting will have to be secure like the walking before I start any other gait. She keeps working on backing the L. She is having a hard time figuring to turn. No problem with the barrels but the poles are a different issue I guess.

Today we gave our little black mare, Abby, to our young friend Katie that has done most of the training of her. I handed over the title with the change of title all filled out and gave her a "bill of sale" that I had given Abby to her. She was so excited. She is a nice young lady. She will be a senior this fall. She showed Abby at our Mustang show 3 weeks ago and did pretty well.

On our way home from church we were looking for a yard sale and saw a big doe standing behind the fence at the border of Fairchild AFB. A second look revealed a very tiny new baby fawn nursing. She stood there and let us take pictures. I was so excited. I almost always take my camera with me whenever I go in the car for just such moments. Never found the yard sale.

Till tomorrow -----

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