Monday, June 23, 2008


I did not work with Sierra for lengthy amount of times. 2x about half an hour each but did not feel very well today. We worked on the same things we have been working on this entire time , just perfecting it. We did trot together but I am not a world class runner and that is what I needed to be to keep up with her. Need to work a lot more on that. Remember I have 70 year old legs and they are short besides. This wasn't the best day to do that but did anyway. She backed the L today and did not step on the poles. That was a first. I clipped her a bridle path with scissors. Need to get the clippers out but did not feel up to it today. She likes being in her stall. I brushed her all over and sprayed her with Show Sheen. She does not mind the spray bottles at all.

Hope to have more to say tomorrow when my stomach is done with its contortions.

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