Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Another ugly day

Boy, we need to win the lottery and get an indoor arena. This is awful. It snowed all around us today but we just got ugly and rain.

I cleaned a stall in the barn and bedded it and put Sierra in there. She is not too happy but lets me touch her face without holding on to a rope. We took the long one off her and just put a regular lead rope on her. I think I will take it off tomorrow. I should have done this several weeks ago I think. As soon as I could lead her outside the pen anyway. Have not done anything else with her today. Just gone down every hour or so and talked to her and petted her.

The other mustangs are fine and glad to be home. Pepper would not let me catch him tonight. I guess he thought he was going back to the arena. Dixie just snuggled up to me so she didn't seem to mind going to town.

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