Monday, June 9, 2008

I am back -

I have been trying to figure out how to get back here to add to my blog. My daughter Nikki figured it out for me.

I got my 007 Mustang Yearling horse 3 weeks ago in Reno where it was 96 degrees. Stopped in Burns to rest the night at Andi and Toms and then came home. Sierra Nevada is a good sized filly, bay, and very pretty. She is not really keen on being a challenge yearling. She would rather be running free. If you do Parelli stuff she is a left brain introvert. Slowish to catch on to things and not too interested but once she has it she has it.

She leads very well. Stops when I do right beside me. I can take her out of her pen or round pen and let her eat grass. She does not challenge the lead rope at all. I have led her over poles. She backs well and yields her haunches well. I am going to start stalling her at night so she is isolated with no horses around her like she is outside in her pen. I can still not walk up to her in her pen. She will stand for me to pick up the lead rope however then I can go to her head. I can touch her all over on the left, not so much on the right.

The hard part is it has been pouring down rain for 4 days and I do not have an indoor arena. So have not been able to work with her. Darn. Tomorrow rain or shine. It is not supposed to be thundering and lightening tomorrow. So that is where I am.

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