Thursday, January 1, 2015

Lea is Back

Here I am again.  Still fighting with my computer.  I thought it was doing well until I went to do this.  I promise I will be more faithful about keeping up here.  I know its been many months since I tried.  I have worked things out somewhat but until I tried to do this it doing its own thing again.

We are well and happy.  Bob is working off and on at a friends wheat ranch.  No just wheat but oats and barley too.  This time of the year no so much to do and I like that.  He went into the Bob Marshall Wilderness in June with some friends and had an awesome time.  We both went camping with our horses late Spring down in central Idaho for a week.  We had a great time and rode a lot.  Sage did very well.  When she gets tired though she gets naughty and thinks she can tell me what to do.  Bob went elk hunting on horseback this year and had a great time. 

I rode some all summer but not like I would have liked looking back at it.  I have a problem getting the saddle on Sage is part of the problem.  When Bob is around or my grandsons it works OK.  I want to get a trainer to ride her a month maybe in March.  There are some things she needs to figure out.  She never bucks or runs off, she just refuses to go where I want her to when she thinks she has gone far enough.

In November we had a terrible experience.  Our wonderful horse that anyone could ride anywhere got stuck in the feeder somehow and broke his jaw and neck.  The worst part of it was our grandchildren next door found him struggling and when they were tring to figure out what to do he died.  We were not home, we were having lunch with our great grandchildren after church.  We have wonderful neighbors, they had all pitched in and had him almost buried by the time we got here.  We are still crying when we think about it too much.  Wrangler was a wonderful horse.

Earlier this fall we accumulated another pony.  We had Sequoia a few years ago and gave him to a couple of young girls.  They had all but outgrown him and moved to Kansas so he came back.  He is an awesome pony. 

I still am leading a bible study for some young women.  Love that and love them. 

No real resolutions.  I never keep them.  I am going to try to ear healtheir and to get back to exercising.  I know I feel better when I do. 

We have had very little snow but its been very cold.  It was 7 last night at midnight. 

In October for our 57th. anniversary we went down to the Oregon Coast.  We enjoyed it but the weather was atrocious.  Poured, and I mean poured down rain and the wind blew.

I promise to try to get some pictures posted on here.  They do not want to work too much.  I need a new computer really bad.  I have a laptop but it does not seem to be any better.  I think it might be operator trouble. 

Bless you all and I promise to be back.


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  1. Glad you're back Lea and hear all is well. Losing Wrangler on this dramatic way hurts.
    Very best wishes for the New Year.