Monday, May 19, 2014

Well here I am after all of this time.  I am fine, Bob is fine.  Just a lot of computer problems and the dumb thing would not let me on.

Today is my 76th. birthday.  I never did believe I would live this long now did I think I would be still riding my horse.  The picture is yesterday on a 2 1/2 hrs. ride over some beautiful countryside.  We saw lots of wild flowers, geese with strings of baby following mama, we saw a bald eagle sitting on the lake shore, we saw lots of ducks and duck babies.  It was wonderful

Sage did very well.  Each trail ride is better.  She got a little nervous at a couple of rocks that wanted to eat her.  We crossed the top of a little dam over the end of the lake.  She went over it going but coming back she wasn't so sure.  Also there is one pretty steep little trail, not long at all.  It is really down through some brushy area and she could not see the trail.  Once she started down she was fine.  It was by far the best and most relaxed ride I have had on her.

Since I was on, our son Tom has moved in next door with his family.  We love it.  They can help and we can leave for a while and know our animals are taken care of.

We have not sold Chico and he looks awful.  Ditto has been in a pen next to him and we put her out on pasture and he has run himself bad calling and calling.  It is pathetic to watch.  He has rubbed hair off in places from hitting the fence.  I don't know what we are going to do.  We really need to sell him.  I hate him looking this way.

We have had six calves born and one still to go.  Four red ones and two black ones.  Abe,Bell, Claire, Danny, Easy and Fritz.  We bought Gracie and she is at Shannons living on goat milk.  We bought a bull and his name is Hank the Tank.  A nice looking hereford bulls. 

Oh, I really hope I will be able to get back on here.  Missed hearing from you all.  I love comments. 

Blessings to each and every one of you.



  1. Congratulations on your birthday Lea. Glad you're back on the internet!
    I wish you lots of nice rides on Sage.

  2. Wonderful to hear from you Lea!!! And Happy, happy birthday too!!! :)
    I think it's great that you're still riding, and hope you can enjoy it for many more years to come...what would we do without our horses? :) Sounds like a fantastic trail ride with your Sage, it's all gravy from here right? Good news too that your kids are living next door. Wow - live in caretakers - what could be better? Freedom!!

  3. I've missed reading your blog, too! Glad you got your computer sorted out... these things can drive ya batty....I've been really lucky that mine are all still in 'working' order...:D Glad that you and Sage are enjoying good times again... Spring is great! Lovely having your son and family there. Have a great Memorial weekend. Hugs!

  4. Hope you are doing well Lea!!! Where have you gone?? Just curious, miss reading your posts and seeing about what's going on in your life. Blessings to you and the family...