Saturday, January 11, 2014

Well, well, there will be no pictures for a while unless I can find some older ones.  My printer died, won't work at all now so have no way to read the camera card.  I should get a new printer in the next week or so however.

We are having a windstorm of all windstorms.  Since yesterday it has blown up to 70 mph here constantly.  We got some rain yesterday but now because the ground is frozen, we have standing water all over the place.  The arena is one large lake, there is a pond on the other side close to running into Ditto's pen.  May have to move her.  I think we will have to move Sage and Rosie tomorrow.  Its awful, then I suppose it will freeze and snow and we will be in a real fix. 

So that is my worry.  We had our Northeast Zone awards function for 2013 today.  We had an awesome turnout.  It was a light lunch and cake for $10.00.  It brought a lot more people that usual.  I know some people were disappointed we did not have a banquet but it turned out good.  It was certainly worth it.  I don't show any more but stay involved in the zone.  I enjoy being with horsey friends whatever they do with their horses. 

I sure am missing my girls.  I know we just saw them at Christmas but both are going through some trials and I want to hug on them.  Our boys live in Spokane but have not seen them longer.  Work schedules are a pain when mama's want to see their chilluns.

Take care,




  1. Lea, does your camera have a usb cord that came with it?? If it does, why don't you plug into your computer and camera and it can take them off the camera and put into your computer's My Pictures folder. Then you should be able to upload them from there...I never take my camera card out to go into my printer although I guess I could but never saw a reason to do it. Just wondering....

  2. We had the same windstorm over the weekend Lea...and lots and lots of rain to go along with it. But today is calm and very warm. I took all the blankets off the ponies and I'd be willing to bet that we'll have some chocolate-dipped ponies tonight. :)

  3. Cindy, I probably did but didn't know how to use it so don't know where I put it.