Monday, January 20, 2014

 I sure do wish I could get the pictures off my camera.  It is so beautiful out.  Frozen fog heavy on the trees, fences and everywhere it seems.  It looks magical but of course it isn't.  We don't have any fog directly at our place but have.  Trees are breaking under the weight of it.  It is pretty though.

I just came in from playing with Sage for a bit and giving Rosie a treat.  Sage likes apples and Rosie will eat carrots.  They got one of each.  I need to catch Sage up and work with her but everything is still covered in ice or the ground frozen until it hurts their feet.  So until that lets up its an apple a day.  She loves them.

Bob has begun working with Rusty again.  AGAIN.  He needs to keep it up.  He wants to use her to pack this year.  She is short enough that it will be easy to load.  She and Rosie are about the same height and Rosie loves to pack.  Not as much as pulling a cart but she likes it if the lead horse is not going so fast that she has to trot all the time.  Pepper is a good one to lead off of.  He is pokey.

I went to Ellensburg on Saturday to a Washington State Horsemen board meeting.  It was a foggy drive but I really enjoy that group of equestrians.  Because I retired as a show steward this year, they presented me with a beautiful plaque.  I was so surprised and appreciated it lots.  It was good of them and I had no idea. 

I retired from being a steward because it was time to explore other things.  I liked it when I was doing it but it was time to move on.  I enjoy trail riding and enjoy the business part of WSH.  There are great people from all over the state involved.

I got hearing aids last week.  They may drive me nutty until I get used to them.  I have trouble getting them into my ear with the little doo dad that keeps them there in the right place.  I was surprised the batteries don't last as long as I thought.  I really needed them, more that I really thought.  I knew my hearing was getting dim but not as much as it tested.  Thank God for good insurance that paid for most of them. 

Hope I get a printer soon and can get pictures.  This is driving me nutty.

I am so much enjoying "my girls" that come to the Bible Study I am leading.  They are wonderful young women who want to study.  I love them all. 

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