Friday, December 13, 2013

Our two little dogs.  Skeeter, the poodle, is mine.  He is 61/2 years old and devoted to me.  I should have brushed his ears.  Pistol is the Jack Russell cross and she is Bob's.  When he goes some place without her, she grieves.  When Bob went hunting she did not eat for several days and just laid around crying.  It was pathetic.  We love those little dogs.  If you have been to our house they are our greeting committee.

No snow or ice at our house.  Bob took a friend to the airport this morning at 4:00 AM and he said it was all around us but we were spared.  Bob got the tires changed on the truck today so it will be ready to go when we leave for Nikki and Chrissy's on the 22nd.  I am glad we are not going tomorrow as the Snoqualemie Pass will be closed for 3 hours or so both directions. 

I am thankful our kids have jobs but it certainly makes it difficult to have a family get together.  They all work different hours and have different days off.  Instead of coming here, we are going to Tom and Christy's on Thursday for an evening.  Then we will go to Ryan's percussion concert at Rogers. 

The horses are all looking good.  The cold cold weather did not faze them and now its mild.  By Monday it is supposed to be close to 40 and I am planning to ride.  If there is snow that is OK but not ice.  I need to remember to take a picture of my new saddle.  Love it so much.



  1. Cute, cute dogs Lea! I keep telling my husband I want a dog but until we quit going on mission trips I guess that's going to have to wait. We cant take one with us and we are usually gone at least six weeks. blessings, marlene

  2. I'd love to see a picture of your new saddle! Hope you get to ride. It's so slick here I'm not sure I'd want to. No ice, but melting snow and mud. Yuck!