Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Another day in the life of us on our little farm.  This morning I wasn't even up yet.  Bob brought me in the paper which he does almost every morning.  He was looking out the window and who should go galloping by - Chico.  We very quickly got into out outside clothes and got out the door.  We found him out behind the barn.  When he saw me he ran to me like mom there you are BUT he would not let me get a hold of his halter.  So, I said you get back where you belong buster and guess what, he did.  Trotted right over and into his pen.  I made over him and told him he was a really good boy.  So now, his gate has a latch on it not just the chain thru the slit.  He is smart.  I know he opened it by himself with his mouth.

Bob had a doctor appointment today.  He had a lump on the back of his tongue.  He got an excellent report.  He just has a lumpy tongue.

After the doctor report we went to Big R and got me a pair of bib overalls - heavy cold weather type.  Not Carhart but the same.  Now I can go ride and not turn into a Popsicle.I had warm coats but nothing that kept my legs and body warm.  I have to dig out my winter insulated boots too.    Now I can go ride and enjoy it. 

Tomorrow I have brunch with my special friend Lisa.  Love her so much and we will talk until she has to leave for work.  It will be a great time. 


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