Friday, April 5, 2013

This is befuddling me this morning.  I thought I had figured out how to load more than one picture.  Three of the four loaded and the one did not.  I have not been lost, I was really sick over Easter weekend.  Some kind of a bug.  Have never had pain in my stomach like that.   Got over it and Monday Nikki and her two boys and a friend of Lanes came.  We had the bestest time.

The picture of Sage was taken just the other day.  Marilyn rode her and now I must.  Now the good weather has dissipated and it is raining again.  Darn.  I will get to though.  She was very good for Marilyn and no reason not to believe she won't be with me.  Nikki and the kids and I rode in the arena but I did not want to try her there with kids whooping and cantering around. I rode Raven.  Nikki rode Pepper and he was not nice.  Its a good thing she is a good rider and has a good head on her shoulders.This is Lane and one of out banty chickens.  A little bitty rooster.  He wants one so bad and I have one for him, just have to get Nikki's OK - shes a little hen though.

The other pictures is daughter Chrissy, her partner Wendy and Chrissy's three kids.  Jade in pink, Nikki the little squirt (she is oldest) and Sky is the handsome young man.

We had another white baby last night.  It was too dark for pictures so will have to get them today.  We have one more cow to calf and then we are done for this year.  Dandy is a nice big bull calf.  They are all fathered by a White Park bull.  They are an English breed I guess. 

I need to get my day going here.  Horses need out of stalls, laundry etc, you know what it takes to keep a house reasonably neat and take care of livestock.

I promise it won't be so long.


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