Friday, April 19, 2013

Forty three years ago last Monday we had a baby girl that only lived five days.  Even though it was that long ago, I never forget her birthday and these are her flowers.  Love the smell of the roses.  Not a big deal I guess but it is in my heart.
Today was my only Justin day this week.  He really can make that walker go - backwards.  He is getting froward motion but it is not as fast as backwards.  What a little character.

Bob is getting the pen ready for Rosie to foal in.  I have her due date around May 5 but could be a week before.  She was with the jack for a month.  I am hoping for a spotted mule baby.   She is starting to make a bag so probably this weekend we will bring her in from the big pasture. 

Our weather is gross but it is supposed to get better next week.  I must get on Sage.  AND I must get back to walking.  Two days ago I walked too far I think and my back has been shouting at me.  Will try again not so far.  Then work back up to 10,000 steps. 

Life goes on and on.  I am thankful for every day.  The closer I get to 75 I wonder how many do what I do at that age or am I deluding myself.  I enjoy life for the most part and love my horses.  




  1. Not a big deal? I don't know who could think that. Losing your baby is a big deal! I love the roses.

    Justin is getting so big! He's adorable.

    I forgot you bred Rosie. I can't wait to see a cute little baby mule foal! How exciting!

  2. Oh, Lea. It IS a big deal. I am so sorry for the loss of your baby. You will never, ever forget her. I wish I had some babies on the way. I only have one mare left and she is 20. Time marches on.

  3. Lea my heart hurts with yours - losing a child at any age is a pain that never goes away. A mother's heart always remembers. blessings, marlene

  4. I never forget her either. I told you not to walk so far! we are not hiking the mountain I promise :)

  5. Oh Lea, I'm so sorry about your sweet baby girl. The heart never heart aches for your loss. You will get to see her again in heaven one day.
    I do hope that you have many more years to enjoy life. My eldest sister will be 72 this August, and she leads no where near the active lifestyle that you do. Not even close! I think you are an amazing woman, and so very young at heart. That's the secret to helping keep the body young, I think. Blessings dear friend!