Tuesday, March 12, 2013

This is Candy, Katie and Cam's new horse.  She was given to them.  She is a really nice gently mare, in your pocket personality.  She is 20 but this day and age that is not old old.  She moves along really nicely.  Katie rode her with spurs, otherwise she is quite poky. 
Justin's first horse back ride.  Actually he just sat on her.  His socks were in the stroller.  He was happy as a clam up there.  Papa had a good hold of him and mama held the horse.  Katie wants him to love horses as much as she does.

I have worked with Sage a couple of days.  Now its rainy again.  Darn.  Saturday was awesome though. 

Nothing really much going on around here.  The chickens are laying, even the banties.   Lots of eggs.  The horses have been jumping and leaping and running around their pastures.  If it is decent tomorrow, I will go groom on Sage.  I want to show her at halter the end of April and it will take some to get her cleaned up.  I need her to get used to groups of people and horses.  I have a friend who will help me.  I can't run fast enough to get her to trot.  Mary has show drafts so she knows how to handle a big horse. 

We are going to dinner at a neighbors this evening.  Bob went with our friend Bob to pick up some kind of machinery and is not home yet.  He better get here.  He will, they were in Ritzville about and hour ago so expect them any time. 

Sorry I have been lapsing getting the blog written.  Just got lazy I guess.



  1. I see your weather is just as awful as ours!! I took my puppy out to piddle...in snow, an hour later it was almost gone. Guess it blew away cause it is so freakin cold it did not melt. An hour later it was snowing like a blizzard. Now the sun is out..which would be nice except it is still freakin cold. Sigh. Spring is when?

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  3. Good to hear from you Lea. Sounds like maybe you've just been busy elsewhere and didn't get to your blog. That happens. Glad you got a chance to work with Sage again, I know I always feel good when I'm out with my horses. We've had some very nice spring-like weather lately, and have dried out a lot...but, it's raining today and tomorrow for beginning of spring, a storm is expected, lots of rain and some wind. Next 7 days they expect more rain than not...oh boy. I'm just happy for the calendar to report that winter will officially be finished! Sunshine here we come!! Take care, have missed seeing your comments on my blog lately. A lot going on lately...
    That baby sure is growing like a weed! :)