Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My first glimpse of Sage in the corrals in Burns.  She did not look so big.  There were taller horses but...........she is.

I finally got my computer back up and running.  The post that the receiver sits on had moved slightly and got off point.  Meaning that is why I could get nothing.   It was not the cause I can only put one picture on at a time.  Oh well, one is better than none. 

Yesterday when Bob put the horses out, he just threw a rope over Dittos head and she follows, so does Rosie.  He forgot to snap Sages lead rope and did the same thing and she walked along with him just the same.  She is learning.

We had snow all day yesterday but it did not stick.  Now we have that gropple stuff a little on the ground.  After it being 54 on Sunday this is terrible.

We have our first baby calf.  Totally black.  We bought her mama at the auction so don't know the daddy, black I imagine because mom is as black as Eclipse.  That is what Bob named her.  Our other babies should start coming pretty soon. 

Rusty is in the round pen.  She is limping on her right  front foot.  We can not find any reason.  Her hoof is hot so maybe an abscess is working out.  Bob doesn't have a hoof tester.  She lets us look at her feet.  Bob trimmed Yuma's feet yesterday.  He stood like such a gentlemen.  I hope the people who took Chemmy are taking care of it.



  1. I doubt it lea... they dont know to do that... he needs to be checked on

  2. Congratulations on your healthy calf! I love calving season. Of course I don't have any to worry about myself, I just get to enjoy watching them play. :)

    Sage is such a beautiful girl. You're right, she doesn't look so big there.

    I hope Rusty just has an abscess. Seems like there are a lot of those this year.