Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Obviously not taken today - #1 it did not get above 35 degrees and #2 we still have snow on the ground and #3 I have not ridden her since last fall.  BUT, I have worked her the last 2 days in the round pen.  I don't think she has forgotten anything but she was frisky.  I would have liked to have saddled her but our tack room is not very big and stuff has gotten stuffed there all winter and I could not get it out.  I didn't intend to ride but would have liked to have it on her.

I had Justin all day.  He came at 5:30 this AM.  We both went back to sleep for a while.  At 4 months he is cutting a tooth.  Its just right there.  Of all mine, only Nikki cut teeth that early.  She did everything early - she walked at 8 months 2 days. 

With Justin here, I went outside when he left and that is about all I accomplished today.    He will be here tomorrow too but does not come until 11. 



  1. Thank you so much for watching him so early. I know its hard! Not much longer! Im so glad you were able to take advantage of the nice weather and work with sage!!

  2. I rarely find that horses forget much of anything that they've learned. In fact, after the initial "getting back to work" session, they usually are better because of a bit of downtime. Maybe it gives them time for everything to soak in or something...don't really know, but that's what I've found. It sure feels good to get back out and work with the horses after a long break doesn't it? I've worked with Eagle a few times lately and he is generally spot-on. Except for last Sunday, big brat!! He did not want to be caught and turned the whole herd into a game of "can't catch us"!! I could have choked him! Eventually, we caught him and our session was short and sweet because I was tired. But it was good. I won in the end. :) We got our new mare last weekend. I have some pics of her on my last blog post. Come check her out Lea! She's a real sweetheart. I think she'll he helpful with my overall plan with Eagle too.