Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy 16th. Birthday Ryan.  I know it was yesterday but I could not get a picture to load.  He is standing by his long board that he made in wood shop in school.  It is beautiful.  I asked him if He was going to use it and he said a little.  There is a clock sitting by the TV.  He made that for his parents for Christmas.  He is a good kid.

Sunday Katie and Cameron Dedicated Justin at church.  We don't baptize babies but we do dedicate them to the Lord and confirm that we want to raise them in the knowledge and admonition of the Lord.  I did not get a good one of the three of them but loved this picture of Katie and the Chunk a Munk.  My name for him. 

Today I have been working on my quilt and cleaning up the house.  Gave Bob some things to take over to the shop and put in the yard sale stuff.  That puts some space in the back room.  There is a saddle in there that is for sale too.  We were going to take it to the 4H tack swap in March but the same weekend we are going to a big Rendezvous with Back Country Horsemen in Ellensburg.  That will be fun for sure.

My new glasses were supposed to be here today but I have not heard from them.  I am anxious to get them.  Then I will know if my consistent headache is caused by my eyes.  If not, I will have to break down and go to the doctor.

My ramblings recently have nothing to do with out mustangs nor our other horses.  They are still our there.  I was going to go work with Sage today but it is raining.  Grrrr, although it is making the snow leave quicker - however it makes more mud.  Can't have it both ways I guess.

Blessings to you all.

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