Thursday, December 6, 2012


On the 6th day of Christmas I have 6 of my Santa collection.  I have about 50 I think.  I add one every year.  None are expensive but fun to look at.

I don't know why this picture would not load with Justin's picture.  It took me a while a loss of a lot of patience getting Santa pictures on. 

Bob helped Katie and Cam get a floor in their dog kennel today so Callie can't dig out.  We hope anyway.  We did find one of the hens we thought she killed but didn't.  She is minus some feathers and was roughed up but alive.  Lane calls her the Road Runner chicken.  We had two small hens and Callie ate the other one.  She did get our pretty rooster yesterday and 2 others.  I feel bad for Katie, she loves her dog but it can't happen again.

Bob is getting happier and happier with Sage.  He says she goes in and out  like the lady that she is.  I must get out and spend time with her.  He gets so mad at Ditto.  She is old (almost 32) and is queen of the pasture.  She would tell you that if she could talk.  She comes in how she wants to and into whatever stall she wants because she gets extra grain that way.  He threatened her with a pitchfork tonight and she just rolled her eyes at him and strolled down the alley way into her stall.  She really does know where she belongs. 

Last night I finished reading a cute book.  The Christmas Pearl. By Dorothea Benton Frank.  Its an easy read about the family of a 93 year old lady in the south who is telling the story.  Also there is a collection of southern holiday recipes.  Its a book I will keep and maybe read again.  Not all believable but fun.  Its an older book but I have not seen it before.  Love the author and have read other things but this was especially nice.


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