Friday, December 7, 2012


 Seven stuffed ponies sitting in row on my bed.  I have so many of them and have decided to start giving them away .  My collections got out of hand a little bit.

Tazzy in the Christmas tree.  Not much more than lights on the tree because I knew she would do this.  It was teetering all over the place this evening.  I probably should spank her out of the tree but we have such fun laughing at her.

Earlier this evening I went to a baby shower for Tabby.  Our grandson Robby's fiance.  They have two little girls - Kiyanna who is better known as Kiki who 3.  And Piper who is two.  Kiki loves me and loves to sit on my lap and sing me songs she makes up as she goes.  Piper is not too contented to sit on any one's lap.  I am going to get them after church for the day Sunday.  Tabby is expecting a little boy any day, or hour it seems.  He will be Jaxson.  I love our little great grandchildren that love to sit and be snuggled. 

I had Justin today and he was so happy.  He is smiling and talking to us more and more.  I had to leave before Cameron got here to pick him up and Bob watched him which was shocking but he just sat and talked with him and bounced him in his bouncer chair.  Justin is growing so fast. 

We woke up to snow on the ground but it warmed up and then it was just rain rain and wind today.  Its get cold though so I imagine snow is not so far off.


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