Monday, September 3, 2012

Next days of so...............

Three of the four out grazing. Sage was hobbled. She did fine with them. She fell on her nose when she first had them on and then did fine. She learned to run in them. Hi O Sage.
Our tent. Could be larger but it works.


Didn't realize I had put both pictures on. A little creek ran down the middle.

The camp.

Bob kept losing his glasses. See them?

The little stream.

This was actually about 10" across. Had never seen one so large. It was interesting.

Bob and Joyce riding in after a 10 mile ride. I did not go.

Missy Sage looking at something on down in the meadow.

Wrangler. He is so herd bound he would not leave the mares so he just drug a rope.

I got the trailer all unloaded. I took everything out that I could. It needs a good cleaning and Bob is going to do some additional cupboards and some hooks to hang things. I am also going to get rid of some of the stuff that was in there.

Katie's dogs got out somehow this afternoon. They came right to our place. I am glad that I was outside when I got zapped by Duke than Callie came bombing around the corner. I got a hold of them and Bob got some leads out of the barn. We took them home and put them in the house.

I hope they don't tear stuff up. Bob called her and told her.

I worked in the trailer most of the day and visited with John and Theresa for a while. So my body says its tired. See you tomorrow.



  1. I love all the beautiful pictures! What a lucky lady you are to get to go on a trip like that with your special horse.

  2. I agree with Andrea, gorgeous pics, and what fun!

  3. Beautiful place to camp, Lea. Camping like this is hard work but I am glad to see that you still had times of enjoyment that made it worth it. We all envy you the time in the mountains with your horses and friends.

  4. Oh Lea, I'm so glad it was a good trip and that you're all home safe and sound!! What beautiful country!!! And Sage is looking!! I'm anxious to hear how your trips out with her went. I agree with you about the packing in - it is way too much work unless you're staying for a week or more, but I'm thinking day rides or close over the weekend trips with horses is fun, but the joys of camping without horses is more my style lately. I love trail riding, but travelling long distances with my horses is not something I look forward to. So glad you got to go on this trip. I'd love to look into that one camper. Bet it's cool - some people are so clever!! Got any pics of it?? Oh, send me your address and I'll mail you a check for the rug anytime. email is