Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Day or two before we left to move

Sage grazing. She didn't have hobbles on that moment but Bob put them on her when she started wandering a little far.
Some of the rocks. Great big rocks in big piles.

Joyce, Angie and Bob walking across the field. Loved that old dead tree.

They were almost back to where I was perched on the rocks. I just did not feel like walking clear across that big meadow.

That is how Angie closed up the rear of their truck. I am not sure our horses would have walked up that ramp, but theirs did.

Tomorrow I will start with the other camera. No so many pictures on it but different than from this camera.

I planted some different peppers from the regular green peppers. They are green but smaller and kind of round. I put one in a salad tonight and boy were they hot. Wish I could remember what they were called. Very tasty but holy catfish, they were hotter. Not Jalapeno.

I still am working on the trailer. I have piles of stuff all over the lawn behind the trailer. I hope to finish it up tomorrow. Bob is looking for a different cupboard. I want something on the floor too. Maybe we can find a remnant of something.

We went to Walmart and got groceries this afternoon and I forgot wrapping paper and a card for Katie's shower which is Saturday. After Saturday I will show a picture of it but she reads this blog. I am pleased with my choice. You will be too Ms. Katie.

I am going to plan on riding Sage tomorrow. She is looking sad because I have been loving on her every day but I have not been out there since we got home. I must.


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  1. Good thing u didnt post what it is!!! I would hate to ruin a good suprise!!! ;)