Sunday, July 8, 2012

Good Day Sun Shine

My ride today was wonderful. I rode first thing this morning before it got too hot. She is so soft it amazes me.

This is what happens after you rinse off a horse after a ride on a hot day.

And this was the look she gave me when she was done rolling.

Had a good day. Chrissy, Wendy and the kids (minus Nikki of course, she is going to school in California). It was good to see them all.

I took Isaac birthday shopping this evening and he found a bunch of things he liked on sale so he got a whole sack of stuff. We had fun.

Hope your weekend was wonderful.


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  1. Lea, I just love how much you care for your horse and how you are willing to get out there and do your ground work and now saddle work with her. You are a true inspiration and I am proud to be your friend and honored to be allowed to help you with your "girl".