Saturday, July 7, 2012

Another Happy Dance Day

This picture was taken at the Burns Corrals before the PETA group set the barns on fire. It was taken on one of our earlier trip down there.

This was a wonderful day with Sage. She was not hard to catch and we just worked really well for a couple of hours. We did discover why she went berserk and bucked me off. Marilyn was working her from the ground and she did it again. Marilyn saw that she had pulled the bit through her mouth. The Right D ring was on the left of her mouth. Marilyn calmed her down and removed the bridle. After some looking and trying some things, Katie offered her bridle with a different D ring bit and it had a leather chin strap. We got her bridled back up and put her around the round pen a few times and Marilyn got on her. She was so quiet and relaxed. Then I got on her and it was just the same. The last thing I did was some serpentine and figure 8's and then stopped her in the center. I barely touched her mouth, sat down and said back. She dropped her head and stepped back calmly. At that point I got off and hugged her and stripped the saddle and bridle off, rubbed her down and put her back.

All that and I got a little sunburned. I will have to cover my shoulders up for a day or so. It was 96 here today. I am so thankful for a cool house.

Bob will be here soon with a couple of grandsons. I will be glad to see all three of them.


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